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Glass app review


Glass is a great app for photographers - including those who use Instagram and see all its cons.

First of all, Glass aims to share photos between photographers within the community. While Instagram is a social network where users get reactions, Glass doesn't aim to compare photos based on algorithms or count the likes.

Glass doesn't distract you from your main tasks (showcasing your work, portfolio) allowing other users enjoy your photos via clean web interface: the photo itself, the caption, the technical data.

What is the most annoying thing for many photographers when publishing photos on different platforms? Excessive compression of images and videos. It distorts not only the files, but the perception of your work.

Glass app is gentle on your photos and doesn't turn them into something less appealing. It's how you view your photos, and it's how you show them to your target audience.

'Transparency' is evident in everything on the service. Some features, though, may be lacking for photographers. For example, Glass has no editing tools, no filters.

Sure, professional photographers won't edit photos this way. On the other hand, someone really needs features to quickly publish mobile photos. Perhaps some tools will appear later if Glass users vote for such features.

It's also worth mentioning other distinctive features:

  • EXIF metadata: if needed, technical details will be published next to the photo (date, shutter speed, aperture, location and other data)
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and other formats not available on Instagram
  • full screen mode - you can evaluate the photo in maximum size with the ability to slide
  • Display P3 Color profile: it's an expanded color range, in some cases wins in comparison with sRGB.

As a user I want to say the following. When you go to the photographer's page in Glass, you get a nice feeling as you see photos through the right optics all the time: without compression, with great colors. And it looks like Glass will really appeal to a photographers.

Download the app

Glass is available on iPhone / iPad / Windows. A web version is also available. The app has no ads. The trial version is available for 14 days.