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AwesomeDev Compass App


This Compass is a gift that keeps on giving for keen travellers. The main app feature is to help mobile device owners to navigate and get bearings. This tool is pretty easy to use, so even beginners can understand its operation principle.

Right after you launch the Compass app, a circular scale with an arrow in the center appears on your device screen. In order to correctly find the bearings, you have to put your mobile phone on a horizontal surface. The device will instantly determine your location and point the direction of the North. In order to ensure greater accuracy of the provided data, the compass supports the operation of a magnetic sensor, which, alas, loses the accuracy of its readings next to other electronic gadgets. If you want to get rid of this problem, simply move away from other electronic gadgets.

Another feature which is worthy of your attention is the determination of the device exact location. But it works only if you have enabled the feature of Geolocation in the system settings. Otherwise the compass will refuse to operate.

Pinning down the exact location is useful not only while mapping a route, but also in case you lose the track of your landmarks. For example, if you get lost in the woods or any other unfamiliar area. Via the app you can simply specify your coordinates to your loved ones by pinning down your location and clicking on the camera shutter icon and then patiently wait for help.

The program can also be used as a speedometer: in order to enable it, tap the running man icon.

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